Online Courses

Online Courses


Self-Paced Online Learning

A Flexible Hybrid Learning Path for Busy Educators

Hybrid course are online courses with synchronous (live) and asynchronous (self-paced) modules. Hybrid courses include live session, self-paced modules, and live coaching sessions.

The live sessions are facilitated by Mockingbird educators who will demonstrate and model strategies.  The self-paced portion of the course is gamified and activities are organized into short challenges to keep you engaged and motivated.  

 Each online course also includes an optional coaching session.  


Your PACE And Schedule

Experience An active and Interactive Self-paced learning Experience


Online courses are available for select Methodology topics. We also develop courses for clients in customized topics. Contact Mockingbird to learn more

WORKSHOP Experience

Live sessions and coaching sessions are interactive, multi-sensory, and active. The self-paced portion of the course is a gamified learning experience that focuses on APPLICATION of information presented in the live session. Self-paced activities are designed to help you process, reflect, interact, and apply content you have learned.

WORKSHOP Logistics

A hybrid course contains both live and self-paced activities. Courses begin with a live Zoom session followed by a 1-2 week self-paced online course. A live coaching session is provided at the course mid-point. Online course cohorts are from 5-30 students.

WORKSHOP Facilitator

Not only are our facilitators master instructors with over 25 years experience, they also have extensive experience teaching online. We don't just talk about good teaching, we model it...even in the online forum.

Recent Course Series

The following courses are offered as 3 course series.

YB 3-Course Series

Contact us for information about designing an online course for your program or content.  As instructional designers, we develop customized online courses using the methodology strategies and design processes.

Blueprint FOr Teaching ONline

3 Course Series

Course 1

for Developing Effective
Online Programs
  • Strategies of Effective ONLINE Master Educators
  • Creating an Effective Learning Path
  • Discussion Forums, Checkpoints, and Action Assignments
  • Creating Community and Accountability
  • Creating a Blueprint for Classroom Application

Course 2

For Creating Interactive and Engaging Live Online Lessons
  • 8 Strategies of Engagement of Master Educators
  • Sprint Formula
  • Attention Management
  • Creating a Blueprint for Classroom Application

Course 1

Blueprint For Creating Community and Building RElationships with Online Learners
  • Participation Strategies for Reluctant Learners
  • Safe Path Formula for Participation
  • ARENA Communication Strategies for Self-Paced Learning
  • Creating a Blueprint for Classroom Application

What Participants Say...

Leaving with ideas! I loved the live component and the self-paced activities. I have SO MANY strategies to share with our instructors and I can't wait to let them know.
Angela Jerrell
Program Administrator, Ohio
ARENA strategy was my favorite! I can't wait to start using it.
Darla Coker
HIgh School Math Teacher, Florida
Thank you for all the time and effort that you have put into training Blueprint Facilitators. We hope to do our training justice.
Blueprint Facilitator Trainee
Program Facilitator, Honduras