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    QUick Tips

    The Mockingbird Methodology is a collection of research-based strategies and best practices designed to create SAFEJOYFULACTIVE, and ENGAGING classrooms. 

    The research-based approach focuses on the LEARNER EXPERIENCE. 

    You can learn more about the methodology here

    The workshop is usually from 9-4 with an hour lunch and several breaks.

    An open mind, comfortable shoes, and a joyful smile.

    Expect to be emotionally, physically, and mentally engaged.  

    Your facilitator is Tamara Thompson. 

    Nice to Meet You!

    We are so excited you are participating in this workshop.

    Our workshop may be different than what you have experienced so we want to make sure you are comfortable.

    Our goal is to create an engaging learner experience where you can grow, reflect, and learn with ease.  

    The Mockingbird Facilitator Commitment

    • To facilitate a joyful LEARNER EXPERIENCE not just teach content.
    • To be a GUIDE, not a source of knowledge.
    • To continually communicate the WHY.
    • To MODEL and DEMONSTRATE what we teach.
    • To EARN credibility through WHAT and HOW we teach.
    • To manage learner vulnerability and social dynamics with
    • To be a PARTICIPATING MEMBER of the learning community.
    • To model and demonstrate INTEREST, ENTHUSIASM, and EXCITEMENT.

    Meet Tamara Thompson

    Tamara Thompson, M.S., is CEO and founder of Mockingbird Education. She is an award-winning educator and has received state and national recognition for both instruction and curriculum.

    Tamara is a former 2003 Teacher of the Year for the Austin area, a recipient of the Michael Jordan Foundation’s Innovation Grant Award, a recipient of Southern Poverty Law’s Teaching For Tolerance Grant Award, a former YBUSA Teacher Fellows and in 2010 was awarded a Research Doctoral Fellows at University of North Texas in the Department of Curriculum and Instruction.